Managing Director’s Welcome

AgGrow Emerald Field Days – One of the States most successful field day events.


RECENTLY, I returned from a southern-based field day where I spent time talking to the exhibitors and the current economic climate state and the chance of being involved in the farm industry.

With the forecast drop in the Aussie Dollar and the increasing demand for high quality produce, particularly from Asia, it seems Australia is poised for some very strong growth over the next few years.

The adage-old dilemma as to whether we should compete on price or quality still exists, and quality comes up heads every time – and why shouldn’t it?

Australia is known for its innovation and its quality and if you manufacture the right product, then give it your best, the client will be prepared to pay for the product and service.

As many of you know I visit China a fair bit, and despite the amazing changes that are obvious every time I visit, the products that disappear off the shelves fastest is the clean and green Australian produced food products – and that focus now is on generating enough volume to satisfy the demands.

We, at Ag-Grow, know how to generate an atmosphere for not only displaying the best you have on offer, but allows that one-stop further and buy your livestock genetics.

Our stud bull program has grown in response to the increased demand for quality breeding stock and offers a handpicked selection of quality stud bulls, selling on Friday morning.

This will be followed by a smorgasbord of more than 100 Stock Horses for sale on the Saturday morning. Trials start early Saturday morning with some working out with cattle supplied by the Emerald Agricultural College.

We welcome again the 5th annual Central Highlands Colt Starting Challenge which is growing great momentum every year. A must to see this year being a lot different again, with our past winning competitors mentoring students in the competition.

The Working Cattle Dog Trials run over the 3 days of Ag-Grow and the Cattle Dog sale is on the Friday afternoon.

A dedicated area is booked out with Can-Am & side x side live demonstrations during the three day event beside the Working Cattle Dog Trials.

Ag-Grow is fast becoming more comfortable with new gardens and landscaping around the entrance and departure roundabout. The stud bull and horse auction areas are more user friendly, as we work towards some rest areas with intensive gardens and seating for the patrons.

A new Woolshed Bar is up and running and will feature the overhead gear, handpieces and wool press from days of old.

The Old Ag-Grow bar is an institution and will remain as it has for the past 16 years old as there have been so many good stories told under its corrugated iron roof.  Some iconic brands have been burnt into its façade and I encourage anyone to bring in their branding iron and leave a signature.

Ag-Grow Emerald is much more than a field day!

The Ag-Grow event over the three days and then finishing the week with the Emerald Ag-Grow Rodeo/National Junior APRA Finals. A week that just shouldn’t be missed!

There are some fabulous opportunities at Ag-Grow this year with what we have on offer. I encourage everyone to come along and enjoy all the networking and friendships that last for years.

I welcome all the many friends, exhibitors, and visitors that spend some time at Ag-Grow and look forward to catching up over the three days.

Managing Director

Geoff Dein