Site Display & Field Services

If you are needing access earlier then the 25th May 2019, please contact Management.
Exhibitors are reminded to confirm their site with administration prior to setting up and are requested to strictly adhere to the boundaries of their display area.
All displays must be completely set up by 8:00am the day of show opening.
Exhibitors are asked to present their site in a safe and tidy manner during the event.
Exhibitors are responsible for providing, erecting and removing all items necessary for their display. (Tables, chairs, marquees and power leads, etc) It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to make sure that their site is left completely clean of all rubbish before leaving their site. A $150 cleaning fee will apply if not complied with.

Exhibitor packing up before the event times closing will be invoiced a penalty fee of $200. Please respect your neighbour exhibitors as some travel a long way to attend AgGrow.

Field Demonstrations / Seminar

Both these activities are very welcome. Should you wish to access an area for these purposes please contact Administration for arrangements and inclusion in the Official Timetable. If product demonstrations are conducted at your site please be considerate of adjoining exhibitors.

Permanent Structures

Permanent structures are encouraged, however, Council requirements which must be adhered to. The organizers have blanket agreements in place but you must advise Administration Office beforehand to comply with regulations.

Exhibitors Display

Exhibitors are encouraged to present their product in a safe and considerate manner throughout the duration of the field days.
Exhibitors are encouraged to complete site set up as early as possible to avoid congestion on the day prior to opening.
A caretaker is on site and exhibitors may gain access to their sites after the 25th May.

Please check with the administration office before digging to avoid a costly mistake.
Main underground power is 415 volts and any contact may result in death by electrocution or require expensive repairs which the exhibitor may be liable for.

Power and Water

Power and water is accessible to each site within a 30m radius, there is no drinkable water on the AgGrow grounds.
Each box has lots of 240 volt single phase outlets.
Three phase power is available on request for heavy industry demonstrations.
Exhibitors are requested to bring their own power leads, power boards, hoses, buckets, rakes, etc.
It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to meet the Workplace Health and Safety requirements as set out in Electrical Installation form provided at the bottom of this information form for the supply of power to sites from the provided connection points.

Exhibitors please note: Ag-Grow uses an overhead electrical distribution system. Any equipment installed must be no closer than 1 metre of these overhead electrical cables, and no displays within 1 metre of the Poles. A registered spotter is required when raising your equipment within this proximity. We have a registered spotter on site for your reference. Please contact administration if needing assistance or clarification in this matter.

All power leads are to be labelled, tagged & tested, as inspections will be done on arrival.

Crane & forklifts are available free of charge the day before and Monday after the event for set up and tear down.
If you require any of these services during the event you will need to book a time with reception for the use of these services at your own cost. There is a heavy duty loading ramp adjacent to the wash bay area with high pressure cleaners to help keep equipment presentable. (All forklift drivers must provide current forklift licence)

These are available on a needs basis and we request your patience. Please note the crane is only available on Wednesday 19th June & Monday 24th June 2019.

Site Improvements

Hay bales, sawdust and bark chips etc. are available to enhance your display. Bookings are essential and orders will be delivered on Wednesday before the Ag-Grow starts. Improvements will not be delivered until you notify Beehive Maintenance of your arrival and these improvements will be promptly delivered. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to utilize their site improvements to their own specifications. Beehive Maintenance: 07 4982 2990 or 0412 143 141

Livestock for display purposes are subject to the following conditions.
a) No livestock other than those approved by AgGrow Management shall be brought onto the grounds.
b) Animals will only be approved for display if it can be shown that they are an integral part of the exhibit and where the following welfare and safety criteria are met.
a) Provision of adequate space for animals comfort.
b) Provision of adequate holding facilities.
c) Provision of adequate shade.
d) Provision of adequate feed as well as access to water at all times.
e) Animals must be treated humanely at all times.
c) Animals will be immediately removed from the site of any exhibitor considered in breach of any of these conditions/criteria.
Aggrow management reserves the right to interpret and/or modify these conditions/criteria as it sees fit.

NLIS & Tick Spraying for Cattle Exhibitors at Ag-Grow

To assist you we have made arrangements for all exhibited cattle over the age of 2 years to be read and registered, this will be conducted on the Thursday morning at your site. It would be appreciated if your PIC number is available for reading if necessary.

Ag-Grow Management will also negotiate with the DPI for exhibitors, who are required to cross a tick line, to have their cattle sprayed at the Ag-Grow grounds. If this applies, exhibitors are requested to contact Ag-Grow to provide approximate numbers.