About Us

AG-Grow in Emerald is one of the most successful marketing events available to businesses wishing to access the agricultural, mining and associated demographic of Central Western Queensland and beyond.

Now recognized as an event of events it has grown to become not just one of the largest spending field days on the national circuit but a social event of the year for the surrounding regions. It has created a momentum of its own as it defies challenges such as the drought and subsequent economic conditions and continues to grow, consistently introducing a minimum of 30 – 50 new exhibitor sites annually.

located in

AG-Grow is ideally located in Emerald, Central Queensland. This area is home to a diverse range of industry from broad acre to horticulture entwined within the dominant mining and cattle industries.

This location and access to such strong economic growth is instrumental to AG-Grow’s success. As these industries forge ahead AG-Grow provides the new technology and equipment to service the growth. This makes the AG-Grow Field Days an unsurpassable opportunity for manufacturers and distributors of agricultural products and services and other lifestyle items to demonstrate the proficiencies of their products directly to their consumers. Attracting over 1500 companies and crowds in excess of 28,000 visitors AG-Grow is more than a field day – it is a complete marketing package.

establish in

Since its inception in 1989, AG-Grow has gone from strength to strength. It has survived the decline of small business within Australia’s rural industry, the massive public liability insurance inflations and more recently one of the worst national droughts in history.

Broken by unprecedented rain. Welcome to Australia folks! AG-Grow prospers because it works. It has proven itself to be a powerful tool in reaching the rural industry as a whole. Held over three days AG-Grow now incorporates many renowned events that have grown to such an extent that they could easily stand alone but for now remain as major attractions to the complete experience known as AG-Grow. Some of these events include the Queensland Working Cattle Dog Championships, Queensland Superior Beef Bull Sale, AG-Grow Invitation Horse Sale, Central Highlands Colt Starting Challenge and much more. Ag-Grow’s resilience to current external conditions is illustrated by it having achieved the highest recorded prices for store cattle in Queensland for the previous six years. Combined livestock sales now consistently exceed $3 million.

Ag-Grow aims

AG-Grow aims to maintain its high standards and the reputation as one of the nations top five field days. As it enters a new phase of growth it is focusing on the region and the unlimited potential it contains.

The Management team of AG-Grow looks to the future and embraces the dynamics of surrounding industries in one of Australia’s most profitable regions and the unlimited potential they represent.