Managing Director’s Welcome

AgGrow Emerald Field Days – One of the States most successful field day events.


AG-Grow Emerald has a dynamic that is hard to match. Just how that happens is a result of people connecting with people. By all means do your internet surfing, but we are all aware that it has its limits and cannot replace picking up the tool, or sitting in the seat to see if its right for you..

AG-Grow is not only about people catching up with each other and meeting the suppliers of services and product, it’s about a social event on the calendar and now an ability to try and buy before financial years end. We have been waiting quietly for decades for another field day event to reschedule to an earlier or later date. Our chance came as a surprise and we jumped at the opportunity. Now we have fixed a date before June 30 and the results are frantic, visitors are aligning themselves with the Local community who make their investments before the end of financial year, and vendors offer ridiculous stocktake sales ALL capitalising on the tax breaks.

The woolshed hasn’t stood still either with a new mate being installed. The Comet Windmill. It’s just an iconic historical part of Australia’s Lifestyle and its very presence sets you in the mood for a goodtime. It’s weathered to perfection and sets the scene nicely for weddings and functions happening during the year. Stud Bull nominations are up this year and it’s good to see the industry utilising such a great facility and occasion to showcase their best on offer and source new bloodlines.

Stud displays have increased this year as well and that gives us an indication we are on the right track. The stock horse auction continues to be the regular feature for Saturday Morning. This area is set to expand next year with different formulas. “Back by popular demand we’ll also have the CH Colt Starting Challenge and Working Cattle Dog Trials and Sale taking place, and for the family’s we’ll have the free KidsZone operating for the youngsters to enjoy.”

We can’t fit any more exhibitors into the display area with this year’s line-up of new products and services. At the time of writing this, we have knocking back nominations from people that just can’t fit into the allotted area.

I would like to send out a special thankyou to all our Valued Sponsors for their continued Support each year!! Progress over the last 35 years springs to mind as we set the grounds for the event. Now we play with drones, 35 years ago, they were a dream and we were just getting used to carrying a mobile phone not housed in a suitcase. Driverless Tractors were unheard of and LED signage was still in the lab. Plasma cutters? Forget it! We’d only just heard of them .We had heard of GPS but still had to drive the tractor every second. Digital Photography? Never! Kodak was king. Social media was less than a concept.

So there have been massive changes when you reflect on things but the Field Days are still the way of staying in touch with that technology, and with each other. They really are a celebration of Rural Lifestyles. I want to welcome everyone to AG-Grow 2024 and wish everyone the safest of travel and make sure you do the best deal possible, right before tax time. I look forward to catching up with everyone as well and share a few stories in the woolshed.

In closing, I would like to say a special thankyou to all our valued Sponsors and Exhibitors for their continued support each year.

Managing Director

Geoff Dein