Exhibitor Info

Site Bookings

Site bookings are available to purchase online via the website or by phoning the AG-Grow team on 07 4982 4244. Unless there is a genuine company link, site sharing or “piggy backing” is not permitted. If in doubt please contact the Administration Office for further information.


All cancellations should be received in writing prior to the 15th April, no refunds available after this date. Please confirm the acceptance of any cancellation via the Administration Office 07 4982 4244 – admin@aggrow.com.au

Organizers reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for costs incurred. For full Terms and Conditions please refer to the back of your booking sheet or website.

Site Allocations

The general policy is for exhibitors to be allocated the same site as the year previous. AG-Grow makes every effort to follow this policy however reserve the right to alter allocations at it’s own discretion where necessary. Please advise of a special request or specific need when completing your booking by attaching in writing your special booking request.

All requests must be in writing or they will not be considered. Initial site allocations are completed by mid 15th May. Please note sites are only allocated on receipt of a completed booking form and deposit. Full payment of sites is required by the 15th of April and must be paid before site allocations will be given.


During AG-Grow, demonstration vehicles may be moving around their display site. Exhibitors should exercise due care particularly when children are present. Fire, Police & Ambulance services are on site over the three days and are based beside our Administration Office. General vehicle movement on the AgGrow Event site during the hours of 8.00am – 5.00pm is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

Public Liability Insurance

Under new risk management strategies each and every exhibitor must produce a Certificate of Currency of their own public risk insurance. This must show a cover of a minimum $10,000,000. Please provide a copy of your Public Liability Insurance to the AG-Grow administration office before the 13th June.

Health Permits for Food Exhibitors

All food exhibitors must adhere to local council regulations and apply for a temporary catering permit. This is available on request from the Health Department of the Central Highlands Regional Council on 07 4982 8318 or information is available through the Administration Office.

This must be arranged prior to the event. The Council have stipulated that all food exhibitors will be policed, to avoid closure please ensure a current permit is obtained.

Opening Hours

AG-Grow Field Days are open to the General Public from:

Thursday 20th June 2024
8.00am to 5.00pm – Woolshed Bar open till late.

Friday 21st June 2024
8.00am to 5.00pm – Woolshed Bar open till late.

Saturday 22nd June 2024 
8.00am to 3.00pm


Administration Office Hours

The Administration Office is located in the centre of the field day site.
Office hours are 7.00am – 6.00pm
After hours please contact :
Donna Reeves
General Manager: 0423 625 955
Geoff Dein
Managing Director: 0419 426 013


Professional security service will operate 24 hours on site from Wednesday 5:00pm to 8.00 am Sunday morning. No persons will be allowed on site outside of the field day hours unless prior arrangements have been made.

Exhibitor Passes

Exhibitor passes are per person basis only. Exhibitor passes are available for collection from the Adminstration Office upon arrival to the site. It is important that passes are collected prior to Thursday to avoid Admission charges and carried on you at all times to avoid any confusion at gates on entry.

Exhibitor Entry and Parking

Exhibitor entry to the field day is via the Main Entrance off the Capricorn Highway. Please note that it is not the “Exit” gate under the main billboard. Free access will only be granted to exhibitor pass holders.

Please do not park your vehicle on your site or your neighbours. After unloading your daily supplies exhibitors are requested to park their vehicles in the designated “Exhibitor Only” parking area. Vehicle movement within the field day perimeter is strictly prohibited between 8.00am & 5:00pm during the three days. NO VEHICLES TO BE PARKED ON DISPALY SITE UNLESS USED FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY!!

EFTPOS Facilities

Eftpos facilities are located outside the AG-Grow Administration Office.

Money / Change

Exhibitors must make own arrangements with local banks in relation cash floats for their site.

Freight Contacts

Emerald Carrying Company – Emerald Depot 07 4982 3488
NQX – Emerald Depot 07 4982 2310
Followmont – 07 4982 4593

Hire Companies

Underwoods – 07 4035 4513 – www.underwoodpartyhire.com.au / www.totalexhibitionservices.com.au
Emerald Party Hire – 0407 832 536

Onesite – 07 4980 8200
Flexihire – 07 4982 3488

Crane Hire – 0438 823 262

Never-ending options at Ag-Grow Field Days

Companies often approach Administration staff with a desire to attend or have a presence at the field days but do not wish to take the tradition option of a static display. Currently there is a number of sponsorships or internal advertising within the field days, that may assist your company in gaining more direct access to your target demographic.

All packages are individually tailored to produce the best results within your budget for your company. Contact Administration and allow us to assist you to shine the spotlight on your company.

Launching a new product or service

We will gladly assist you in promoting your company and/or product. Please contact the Administration Office for further assistance.

Ag-Grow Website

Upon booking a site, your company will automatically be advertised via the “Product & Vendor Search” page when activated in June on the Ag-Grow website (www.aggrow.com.au). To achieve the best coverage, please ensure that the Administration Office receives your current web address, contact details and product listing.

AG-Grows Official Handbook

The AG-Grow handbook is compiled by our corporate partners, the Queensland Country Life and is inserted into approximately 25,000 newspapers throughout Queensland. It is also available to all exhibitors and visitors to Ag-Grow. It will be used as a point of future reference for enquiring clients.

If you are serious about gaining market share at AG-Grow, advertising in the Handbook is a must. Booking and copy deadline is the 1st May.

Pleases contact Peter Cross –  07 3826 8200 or 0476 813 581

Radio, TV and Press

AG-Grow uses an extensive combination of the media to ensure that the Central Highlands and surrounding regions are aware of this annual meeting and marketing event. An intensive and thorough promotional campaign is conducted from May through to June. Should you wish to participate in this campaign to promote your company and its involvement, please contact the Administration Office who will assist you in contacting the right people for your chosen advertising media.

Company Flags

AG-Grow have erected a number of flag poles around the site for company’s to use. Flags can be placed on your site and on the promenade during the three days. Please inform the Ag-Grow Administration Office if your company would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Product Listing Forms

To correctly promote your site and business we require a current Product Listing Form to be completed. Please contact the Administration Office if you require a new form.

PA Announcements

A public address system operates during the three days as part of your package. Ag-Grow has a professional Announcer to advertise your product or services. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure the Administration Office has received your company’s PA announcement. During the event interviews should be conducted with the Announcer to raise your company’s profile. To arrange an interview please enquire at the field day’s Administration Office.

Please contact our local radio stations for any to air advertising you maybe wanting over the AG-Grow Event.
Hot FM – 07 4982 3455
4HI Radio – 07 4982 2422