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Featuring at Ag-Grow for 6 years, this remarkable event demonstrates horse whispering at its best. Three unridden colts are matched with three Understudy’s and their Mentors who progressively encourage trust and bond with the Colt until it can finally be ridden and perform tasks traditionally reserved for a much longer “break in” period.

In two days these horses go from wild to mild in a demonstration that is nothing short of REMARKABLE.

This is a great attraction that keeps building in popularity every year.

NEW IN 2017 – Over 2 Days:

  • 3 Understudy’s
  • 3 Mentors
  • 3 Different Techniques
  • 3 Round Pens
  • 6 Untouched Colts

Three horses that have never been ridden…

3 Understudy’s being Mentored by some of the top Australian Horseman and Woman who all have National & International Horse Training experience.

Colt Starting Brochure

1st. Understudy

Jamie McKenzie

Jamie grew up between Augathella and Tambo on a cattle property. In 2008 he moved between Morven and Augathella and that's where he has been living since.


1st. Mentor

Anthony Jessups

Anthony grew up in Kenilworth in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and headed west to Boulia at age 18 as a ringer on Glenomiston station.


2nd. Understudy

Pippa Jelinski

Pip grew up in Tasmania, were she went through pony club and competed in one day events, local shows and anything horsey in general.


2nd. Mentor

Cody Stevens

Cody, along with his wife Kimberley and 2 young daughters Brydie and Chloe, own and operate CKS Performance Horses from their Family property ‘Milora’ just north of Biloela Central Qld.


3rd. Understudy

Heidi Harrold

Twenty four year old Heidi Harrold grew up on a cattle property in the Springsure/Rolleston area. She has been involved with and riding horses from a very young age. She has always had a passion for horses and how to understand them.


3rd. Mentor

Fred Watkins

Fred Watkins owns and runs Watkins Horse Handlers with his wife Rachel and has recently moved from Western Australia back to his home state of Queensland.



Scott Keogh

Central Highlands Colt Starting Challenge is ecstatic to have the 2014 Champion of the Colt Starting Challenge, Scott Keogh returns to impart his professional commentary to this event. Scott Keogh is a horse breaker and trainer operating his business SK Horsemanship, located in Clifton, South East Queensland.



Cameron Parker

Cameron growing up in Gayndah QLD, and then moving to a cattle property that his family purchased at Bauhinia Downs, QLD, at the age of 7, Cameron found he had a niche with horses and cattle. This life experience continued through to when he moved to Clermont with his family as a teenager, then as he worked as a ringer on local cattle stations



Jason Leich

Originally from Narrabri NSW, Jason and his wife Rachel now run a cutting horse training and stud business from their property at Springsure. Many people may remember Jason when he performed with his steer Charba; Paint, his horse and numerous ducks and dogs at four Sydney Shows in the late 1990’s.


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